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About Us

About Us

Specialised in IT and Business Freelancing for the past 12 years, Insitoo has annual sales revenues of 16.5 million euros, a testimony to its acknowledged work method.

A trhee-sided relationship

Insitoo acts as an intermediary between freelancers and businesses, and endeavours to meet the needs of all parties.

At Insitoo, one thing is certain: Our business goes beyond simply putting people together. We create partnerships.

Businesses • We simplify your access to new talents by showcasing their certified skills, and references.

Freelancers • We promote your talents through knowledge of your career path, personalised assignment tracking, and your on-line references.

Freelance Talent Scouts

Our Sourcing Team and social media presence means we find the best freelance talents in IT and consulting. We meet candidates in advance to learn more about their profiles and offer them assignments that are aligned with their technical know-how and soft skills.

We support the consultants in their career paths and choice of assignments, and direct them to new types of employment best suited to their requirements (wage porting, freelancing…).

Consequently, since 2007, we have gained the trust of our freelance partners and key account clients.

A specialist in IT Professions

We are true IT and consulting specialists with a strong presence on the ground. Through regular meetings with our clients, we take in our clients’ context and practices to build long-term relationships. Consequently, we offer you the talent that’s best suited to your expectations.

Our scope of action

  • Functions : developers (Java, Web, PHP, iOS, Android…), lead developers, testers, architects…
  • Infrastructure : system/network/safety engineers, administrators, operations analysts, …
  • Consulting : project management consultants, project management assistance, business experts, change management, …

We work in retail, e-commerce, banking, insurance, … the list is far from exhaustive. Insitoo works with you for all your digital projects !

Insitoo, an intermediary at your service

We are convinced that freelancing is a new and rapidly developing way to work, and so, we are positioned as a facilitator, putting companies in contact with independent consultants for different services such as wage porting, references, or referrals.