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Digital Platform

For simple, flowing communication, a new and local collaborative digital platform is at your disposal.

A practical work space for companies and freelancers

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With the digital platform you have free access to the list of profiles selected by our Business Engineers. This gives you better legibility of their skills.


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With the digital platform, you can create your profile to highlight your professional experiences and keep abreast of the latest news.

You create a vitae that’s aligned with the proposed assignment: it corresponds to the client’s need and offers greater legibility.

    • Access the platform from your computer, tablet, or phone
    • Create a vitae that’s aligned with the assignment: clients are used to our format, which gives you better legibility
    • Your vitae is sent to the client in a confidential manner by way of a link which remains valid for thirty days.
    • After completing an assignment, ask for references to build up your profile

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