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Patrick Ardaens

Founder & President


Insitoo Founder and President, Patrick graduated as an Engineer from Telecom-SudParis. After 20 years experience in sales development for IT and digital services companies, in 2007, he created Insitoo en 2007. His aim was to meet the clients’ need for finding new talents while presenting freelancers with service offers in the Nord region

Truly the company pilot, Patrick is also an enthusiastic biker and aviator. Whether its squarely on his shoulders, or in the clouds, his head is always overflowing with ideas.


Éric Lacomblez



After graduating from UTC Compiegne in 1990, Éric acquired 28 years experience working with major digital services companies in France and abroad. 

An open stance, set, and match is his philosophy on the courts as well as at work. As a former high-performance athlete, Éric is a competitor who has also demonstrated keen curiosity and creativity in developing Insitoo’s business, while enjoying the game. 


Anouck Rousselot

Market Manager


After a Master’s in Human Resources Management, Anouck has a variety of experience in hiring and training. Ever in search of new challenges, she joined Insitoo as Project Engineer in November 2017.

She’s a big fan of games, and makes her analytical mind available to big-name. A true strategist, she doesn’t leave anything up to chance. Anouck holds all the cards to please freelancers and clients


William Sance

Project Engineer


After business school and an initial experience in entrepreneurship, William joined Insitoo in October 2019 as Project Engineer.

His ambition with Insitoo is to learn more about the service sector and collaboration with key accounts. Thanks to his sharp instincts and gourmet palate, he can help you in all your projects.


Manon Wambre

Project Engineer


After getting her degree in Project Management and Sales Development, Manon joined Insitoo in June 2019 as Project Engineer.

What drives her today: differing needs, people, and putting everything in motion to satisfy freelancers and clients. Quick on her motorbike and in the office, Manon won’t be short on creativity to meet your needs


Célia Bouchahdane

Business Developer


After a Master in Management of IESEG Business School and a DU in International Law, Célia began her career by working in marketing and legal finances and business development in a catering group.

Despite her taste for this field, Celia wanted to have a more human job and has thus joined Insitoo to work in relation with our freelances and our clients. As a big fan of gastronomy, Celia knows how to be delicate in order to serve you and find you some attractive missions!


Aurélie Darras

Business Developer


After having graduated from a Master in General Management of Business Units at the IAE of Lille, Aurélie made her way into business affairs jobs before joining Insitoo.

Fond of moutain trekking, she will know how to guide freelances towards their own path. What drives her? Change and discovery, but also learning from each experience. As a good listener and always kind, Aurelie know to remain calm in all circumstances. She will put her cool to the test to quickly find great missions for our freelancers!


Moussa Ben Balla

Business Developer


Graduate with a Masters in Entrepreneurship, Moussa has several years of experience in recruitment consulting. As an expert in this field, Moussa has supported multiple companies in regards with these questions, and applicants regarding their career. He wants to use fairly these skills in his work at Insitoo.

Moussa joined Insitoo in order to gain experience in the promised sector of IT and freelancing. What he likes about Insitoo? Working in a young, dynamic and growing structure!


Maximilien Saliba

Market Manager


With 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur and 1 year as Sales Manager for a start-up, Maximilien joined Insitoo in 2017 in order to launch the Lyon agency.

Always optimistic, he doesn’t give up until the job is his. Maximilien has a sense of responsibility and only one goal: progress. In the field, behind his joystick, or at work, winning is his motto


Bérenger Meynier

Business Developer


After a Business School, Berenger worked as a salesman in industry, e.g in export.

Keen on travel, Bérenger wanted to discover an unknown land by focusing on the IT sector. He was always attracted by this field, so it is a chance to give it a try and learn more about it! 😊

Bérenger thus embarked on the Insitoo adventure as a Business Engineer for the Rhône-Alpes region. We hope he won’t be disappointed with the trip! 😉


Zaineb Bakkali

Business Developer


An IT engineer with a HR degree, Zaineb worked first as a decisional consultant for a digital services company for five years. Looking for more personal contact, she turned to IT recruitment with a digital services company before joining Insitoo in 2017.

Today, Zaineb is taking a new path and moving toward a position as Business Engineer. Her business sense and desire to take on challenges allow her to ace all her assignments. In the kitchen as in the office, Zaineb has the recipe for success.


Laura Torres

Business Development & Talent Acquisition Manager


Originally from Colombia, Laura came in Belgium when she was 18 to pursue her studies in International Business. With over 7 years of experience in IT recruitement, Laura joined Insitoo as Business Development & Talent Acquisition Manager in Brussels area.

Like a true Colombian, Laura is passionated by Latin dance. She intends to develop the presence of Insitoo in Brussels and to take the lead in Belgium, her adopted country. Determined, she knows on which foot to dance to allow freelancers to find the mission that suits them.



Lisa Grespinet

Freelance Finder


Lisa joined Insitoo in September 2019 as part of her Master’s in Human Resource Management. What she likes about being a Freelance Finder is going out in search of new talents every day.

Her listening skills are a real advantage. And while Lisa might agree with Jacques Dutronc that “the whole world is a cactus”, she knows how to avoid the thorns.


Laetitia Ribier

Office Manager


After a 4-year degree in Applied Foreign Languages,Laetitia worked for two digital services companies, and then three operational marketing agencies before joining Insitoo.

Laetitia takes her role to heart and works daily to improve the team’s work tools. Always hitting the right note for a laugh, she uses her practical people and organisational sense to assist colleagues and answer your questions.


Sylvie Sanches

Office Manager


After a higher education degree in management and a specific training in HR, Sylvie worked for more than 10 years in an engineering consulting agency.

Driven by a desire for change, Sylvie decided to join Insitoo. As a shopping lover, Sylvie knows how to do the math and is relying on her talent to manage carefully all your administrative procedures!


Alexandra Bourdet

Office Manager


Alexandra joined Insitoo as Office Manager to strengthen the Back Office department.

After 2 years at the University of Amiens studying law, Alexandra worked for 10 years as Manager in Orange Customer Service and OBS Claims Department, but also as Office Manager.

A desire for change motivated her to join a dynamic and growing company, like Insitoo 😉

A basketball enthusiast, Alexandra knows how to work as a team and collaborate in order to best meet the needs of our freelancers and staff with the Back Office team. Her agility and endurance make her a great ally for our service! 😉


Alice Bracq

HR Development Manager


Straight after a double Master in Law & Management, Alice joined Insitoo as HR Development Manager.

As Wage Porting Manager, every day Alice works with engineers who want to move to freelancing. What drives her today? Finding fulfilment in an innovative legal area, meeting everyone’s needs, and ensuring a quality service. Accuracy and organisation are her motto! And don’t worry. It’s not because she loves the great outdoors that she’ll be light-headed.


Juliette Savio

Communications Manager


Graduated from Sciences Po Lille, and with several years of experience in communications, Juliette joined the team to develop the communication of Insitoo.

Passionate about cooking, Juliette knows the recipe for successful communication. She is determined to prepare communications materials with the greatest of care!