Who could be better than a freelancer to recommend another freelancer?
Introduce us your network and earn up to €1200!


What is co-opting?

Co-opting is a participative recruitment method: you put your professional or personal network in touch with Insitoo by way of a recommendation. Three parties participate in this recruitment: the referrer, the person who recommends a profile, the referee, the person who is being recommended, and Insitoo who acts as the recruiter. This recruitment method offers numerous guarantees especially for uncovering qualified and experienced profiles. Note that most referrals lead to an assignment as the referee’s skills are readily recognised. That’s why the referee’s sponsor is rewarded with a referral bonus!

How does co-opting work at Insitoo?

Further to your recommendation, the Insitoo team will contact the person to schedule a meeting. We continue to apply our work method, even though the person comes highly recommended. After a first interview and reviewing the referee’s professional path, we send the profile to the client. Obviously, this is done with the referee’s OK and taking his/her assignment choices into account. The fact they are recommended by another freelancer is highlighted, as a sign of quality. If the client is interested by the profile and the referee begins a new assignment, then further to this referral the referrer gets a referral bonus.

What are the steps for getting the referral bonus?

The rule is simple:

  • If we find an assignment for the referee less than a month after meeting them, then the referrer gets a €1200 bonus.
  • If we find an assignment for the referee between one month and less than eighteen months after meeting them, then the referrer gets a €800 bonus

Tempting, wouldn’t you say?

Note that this bonus is paid by invoice or included in the carried employee’s gross wages. It is paid once the referee has worked at the client’s for at least sixty days. Heads up! To earn the referral bonus, the Insitoo team can’t already know the recommended person.

And don’t confuse co-opting with bringing in new business!

A referral is a three-sided relationship between the referrer, the referee, and Insitoo: under no circumstances is the client concerned by the referral. Insitoo is in fact charged with finding the right assignment for the referee. So before talking to the client about your network, speak with us first!

Note that Insitoo also rewards bringing in new business but to a lesser degree. (€350 bonus)

How can you be a good referrer?

Referrals are a very good idea but don’t forget that the quality of the profiles is more important than the quantity. Remember to stay credible in the eyes of the recruiter by presenting qualified and appropriate profiles. You’re in the best place to refer someone but remember, it’s your reputation that’s at stake!

Likewise, making a referral is not pulling strings. When you chose to recommend someone, do it because they’re the most competent and not because they’re your cousin, neighbour, or best bud. That being said, don’t hide your relationship with the referee. In fact, that’s an additional guarantee of the seriousness of the referral. So, tell us all!

Co-opting in a few key figures…

In 2018, we met 60 people further to Freelancer referrals and 18 are currently on assignment.
Which translates to €20,000 in bonuses distributed this year !

So trust the Insitoo team and send us your recommendations. The Business Engineers will be happy to work with you during the whole process.

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